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Imma Get Dine — Trae Tha Truth

Imma Get Dine (2018)

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Смотреть клип Imma Get Dine
Yeah, 48 hours later
Play it, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh yeah we still go out to dawn
I’mma get dine
Do it for my G’s
Hundred two degrees, fresh from overseas
Alicia with the keys,
watch me play the colla
Wrap it new aroma
Haters still a goal-a
Like make a hater catch a doctor
Cats sell it like the opera
Slam leave 'em like a boxer
Better know I got this toppa
All gas no one lit it Backstreet’s where I’m headed
all kings street with credit
King troop, yeah I said it Crown meat like I’m tip
Talking reckless get ya' flipped
It’s all healed if I trip
boxed you up, and get you shipped
This H=town verses whoever
low seat can’t get better
flu season, check the weather
I’mma get dine
I’mma move G’s
Running through the trees, do you see me?
Sitting side-ways,
slay up in the days
Banging me some Maze
so wing shooting trees
I was catching plays
for a new edition
Hit the black and held the top
dissappeared like a magician
Like work the wheel like I’m pimp
I’m in the cuddles thinking it’s shrimp
Old school gorilla, new tip
same time he walk with that limp
This ace time to come through
they red, black or they blue?
Sack gunners with me get real
have your body aching like flu
these four way tease gonna be some
I ain’t worry 'bout a jacker, i’mma keep some
Don’t watch me, better watch your old lady
Have her give it to me like I need some
She throw a ball like cleo’s
Hitting them all blank with no diesel
When I go to work they get laid off
Can’t get with me 'cause they’re way off
I’mma get dine
Do it for my G’s
running through the trees, do you see me?
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